Review and Revision

Has a translation already been done, but it still needs to be checked before it is printed? You are doubtful that the quality of the translation corresponds to your high demands? Why not let us review and revise the text so that you can be certain that your message will achieve the intended goal.

Editing is more than making sure that all of the words have been translated correctly into the target language. It also means making sure that the target text truly communicates the message in the source text.

A translation must convey the meaning of the source text, while also functioning adequately in the culture of the target language. Accordingly, the selection of words or of the language register of a technical documentation such as for a machine, which is directed at technical experts, would be different from an advertising brochure for the same machine, which addresses a maximum number of consumers. The translator of a travel guide must also take account of the characteristics of the target language culture, polish sentence structures and not simply translate word for word, which, by contrast, would be the right thing to do when translating a patent application.

Working languages

German - Russian
Russian - German
English - Russian
Spanish - Russian

Other languages are available upon request by phone, e-mail or fax, or you can check out our offers under Project Management.
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